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Travelling with Google

There is no better use for your mobile device than using it to plan a trip.

I look for things I might have missed even in familiar places.  sure enough, there are many places I never thought of until I said, What if this is an interesting place and I don’t know it.

Here’s some tips from Google about applying searching and travel.  Just add these to you skills and you’ll have a more interesting and less frustrating trip next time. Travel Search Tips & Tricks – Inside Search – Google.

Recently a blogger, Gary Arndt, described travelling for a year with an iPad. “Over the last few months I’ve been seeing a lot of other travelers with iPads. I’ve been rather surprised at how quickly they have become popular. They seem to have overtaken netbooks with the travelers I see in hotels and hostels. My guess is that over the next 5 years tablets and the iPad in particular will become the primary computing device travelers use, at least for short term trips. They are lightweight, cheap and are capable of mobile internet in a large part of the world.”

Remember, with the newer iPads, while you’re there you can take photos and send them home.  A real treat for your friends.

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