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What works, what doesn’t

Starting my BYOD. is a  series about the learning curve of taking personal tech to work, referred to as BYOD.

Plerudulier uses a different set of software than I do to move from his desktop to the iPad and on the job.

Often the free app does what I want. If not, then I usually go to the website using Safari. Most of the time the web version has a richer set of features than the app.  For instance Twitter  works better for me on Safari than via the app.

Or, I have two free apps.  Google Maps and TeleNav for instance.  Recently, when Maps couldn’t find my destination, TeleNav did very well. Guided me where I wanted to go, on time.

And he solved a problem I never had — by using Dropbox.

I use Numbers, Pages and Keynote on my iPad and  Office 2010 on the desktops. Email links between the machines.  ( This may not work for Office 2003.  He noted that in a comment on his site.)  Most of the time I use Evernote as a backup between all my machines.

Image representing Dropbox as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

I have had trouble syncing files between my iPad and the other machines using Sugarsync.  I can’t open the Magic Briefcase files on the iPad. Ordinarily it wants to open an Office file in the appropriate Apple product, for some reason the iPad doesn’t recognize an excel file in SugarSync.
This is the reason I like articles like plerudulier’s .  We can learn for others. thanks.
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