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iPad classes offered Fall 2012

My primary business is helping people in the Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN area learn how to use iPads.  I do this in two ways, I offer classes and workshops as well as coaching individually to help people get the most from their mobile devices, that is, their cellphones, smartphones and tablets.

This post that shows some of the recently scheduled classes or workshops for iPads.  The classes are three sessions long and cover an introduction to the iPad as well as how the iPad can do may things, almost anything a computer can do, with the right set of apps. The workshops introduce people new to the iPad to its many facets.

You’re welcome to comment below and ask questions to see if they might help you discover the Information World that surrounds you and us all.

Here are the most recent listings.

iPad  Classes

iPad Workshops

Between now and the end of the year there are also smartphone and cellphone classes or workshops available all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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