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Your medical records and iPad will change your health

You’ve heard it before, there is a personal-health paradigm shift coming. Blue Button - Download My DataHealth records and new applications from Medicare to the VA to medical hackathons will soon change health care from doctor centered care to individual preventive, information driven care. “There’s evidence-based medicine. There’s also evidence-based prevention.” This is from a video where Ester Dyson is interviewed.

Those of us who are interested with smartphones, computers or iPads are about to move into to a seamless world of healthcare. The elements are coming together:

  • mobile devices everywhere
  • wifi everywhere
  • more cost-efficient care delivery
  • hackathons developing intelligent apps based on patient information
  • new methods of interaction between individuals and caregivers using mobile devices and social media in a way that has not been known before.

Look at that last one again. Mobile devices with our health records available when they are wanted. Where they are useful. Social media so I we can find better insurance, get an evaluation of a medical clinic or compare proposed treatments with other people with the same problems.

It is no longer just about healing the sick. With more information becoming available, it is now also about prevention. More personal participation in our own medical decisions.  Going to a doctor’s office with the results of a test, on a smartphone or an iPad.

More fundamentally, healthcare is moving from episodic, isolated patient care towards electronic health record-centered and patient-centred care. Healthcare is using intelligent tools to give professionals and the patient smarter clinical information to improve outcomes.

via Key technologies driving healthcare.


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