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“Things” free apps sell, yes for money

Last month the iTunes app that made the most money was a “free” one named Dragon Vale. According to @igamemom, this sends a strong message to all app buyers, especially parents.

How can they make money?  They get money through in-app purchases.  Many free apps are NOT free, be aware of the in-app purchases.

These apps are referred to as freemium apps.  Dragon Vale and many others are free to download and to play. They sell things however, for money. Check out the iTunes listing for Dragon Vale. Down near the bottom on the right is a list of in-app purchases you or your kids can make. Here are examples of “things” for sale:

  • Pile of Gems – $1.99
  • Sack of Gems – $4.99
  • Bag of Gems – $9.99
  • Pile of Food – $0.99
  •  and Cash – $0.99.

Check out tips for parents App Advice from iGameMom. 

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