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Keyboards have shortcuts

What the heck are those?  You’re asking yourself.

Well, they ‘re a bit of a mess, a hangover from early computer days, but once you get the hang of the few you use all the time it will make your iPad keyboard experience more productive.

Take a close look at the keyboard.  I purposefully left it large so you can notice the additional keys, even old typewriters never had. For example the row of keys across the top. Or, the four keys in the lower left. These are the main focus of this post.

For those of us with years of experience using a computer keyboard,  most have heard about shortcuts,  that is, pressing two keys at the same time to move the cursor to the end of the line (Command + right arrow key ) or (Option+ Delete key) to delete a word.

For many iPad users, their use will never come up.  They aren’t on the screen keyboard. But, they’re useful if you have an iPad and a separate keyboard.

When you start to work with an iPad and a keyboard setup you’ll notice how annoying it is to go back to touching the screen while typing.  For those of us who think keyboard shortcuts are a useful on a computer, they are a must have on an iPad and keyboard configuration.

Here’s a PDF listing of the keyboard shortcuts available on  the Apple keyboard.

This reminder to me came from a Dutch website,  Lifehacking.nl  Don’t worry, google will translate it for you.  I think the URL I used is the translated page.  Try shortcuts.  After a few times you’ll get the idea of it and will not have to look up the your most used shortcuts.

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