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Organize your iPad apps

Soon if not now you’ll realize you have lots of apps on many screens. This can be very confusing and make apps hard to find.  What to do?

Apple has a solution for that, folders.  (Wish I could say Apple has an app for that. But, then your problem is too many apps.)

Set up folders to group apps for easy of finding.

First, you need to think up folder names, ie, groups of apps, that make sense to you. For instance:

  • Games — Children or Combat
  • Politics
  • Newspapers
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Classes
  • Archery

Creating a folder is straight forward. If you have two apps you want to be in the same folder, tap and hold on one icon and then drag it over the other. This simple tap and drag action creates a new folder.

When you’ve added all the apps you want to the folder, stop the giggling apps by pressing the Home button.

Name the folder and close it.

Now for the big question.  How do you get an app on one screen into a folder on another? You have to move the app to the tray at the bottom of the screen , change  screens and then drag the app from the tray to the folder. To stop the giggling, press the Home button.

Here’s some screen shots that show this process.

Moving the Instaprint app icon to the tray makes it available in another screen. In this instance, the one that has the destination folder.

This looks a bit tricky. It combines iPad screen functions to create a folder and move apps from another screen to that  folder.

Folders significantly reduce the complexity of the many screens and the many apps you’ll eventually accumulate.

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