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Edit an Microsoft Office document?


Word 2010

Word 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you need to edit Word documents on an iPad, will you need to use that document in Word after you’ve edited it in Pages?  You’ll lose something as it goes back.  Same thing for PowerPoint presentations after they make it back to PowerPoint. So what do you do?


According to a recent comparison article in Mac World, Apple’s Pages works well if you don’t need the document back at the desktop in Word again. (In my experience this is also  true of Keynote.  Makes fine presentations on my old iPad, but looses some features as it loads into Keynote and gets reused in PowerPoint.)


You can use Google Docs on an iPad when others need to collaborate on the document using any other system, so there is some compatibility pluses here.


Now you can let your iPad connect to a virtual Windows server running in the cloud and run the Windows version of Microsoft Office remotely in three apps CloudOnnivio; and OnLive Desktop.


In a Mac World comparison CloudOn comes out ahead. Their conclusion is:


“For now, CloudOn offers the most seamless experience of the three Windows-on-your-iPad apps, although OnLive Desktop currently looks nicer on a third-generation iPad. In my testing, I found CloudOn more responsive than OnLive or nivio, as well as more intuitive; it makes Office feel more like a native iPad app than either of the other two. It also has the virtue of being free.”


If you want to read further, here’s the original Mac World article.


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