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What’s on your iPad, a series

I found a little gold mine when I found a post by Patrick Jordan.  He has a series that describes how people he works with set up their iPads.  You can get a flavor of the comments and how helpful they are below.

Here are some quotes from posts in the series.

Verizon allows you to use your iPad to tether other devices (I’m using it to tether my MacBook Pro) with NO additional fee. (Note: I do NOT believe AT&T offers iPad tethering for free). What’s on Your iPad: Wayne Schulz

I have the 16G WiFi-only iPad 2, which is basically the most bare-bones iPad 2 you can get. The reason I decided not to get a larger one is because I wasn’t needing my iPad for storage, since I have a 64G iPhone 4S and a MacBook Pro. What’s on Your iPad: Marianne Schultz

Actually, I do not have any other art-related apps, because the people who produce them do not take great care with the images.   For those of you who have read my iBook “Cleaning Mona Lisa” or visitedSandstead.com, every image you see is from my personal photography.  I take great care to produce a clean, sharp, colorful image.  The apps and iBooks that I have seen do not show the same care, except for the Leonardo app. What’s on Your iPad: Lee Sandstead

Apple introduced AssistiveTouch in iOS 5 which allows the use of of multi-touch gestures with a single contact point…that just took the cake for me! What’s on Your iPad – with Kevin Berg

Take some time, read his series on the blog iPadInsight.

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