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Business apps

iPads have become so popular, I thought it might be useful to think about specialized uses for your iPad. One decision computer buyers used to make was whether or not to adapt their business practices to commercial software or make their own specialized software. Large organizations even had their own software development division in IT.


A least today you don’t have to have a division to do it companies are around that will, for a fee, make that special app you need.

Two kinds of business apps are available. Those that you buy through iTunes and those someone makes just for you. An off-the-shelf app like Apple’s office selection of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, answer the needs of people for a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation application.  Most people can use Safari without modifications as a browser. But, a custom app is built specifically for you or your organization to meet a well-defined need.

The iTunes apps have several advantages.  They get updates at little or no cost.  They are reasonably priced and can be adapted to your purposes.  But, if you need a unique application or you plan to sell the application, get a custom-built one.  A local example of a custom app shop in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area is the Nerdery. They do exactly what you need but are costly.Logo_nerdery

Here are some articles that discuss the decision to get custom-made apps:



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