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Why aren’t government services on your iPad?

I used to tell people in the Minnesota Department of Administration, that I could order a pizza, and it would beat me home.  Surely, they could allow me to reserve a spot in a state park for the weekend, where I buy lottery tickets and gas. “Well, they are different things,” they’d say.

That is from numerous conversations that took place during the 1990s.  Apparently the same is true today.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom argues that  technological innovation can be used to improve our government and restore our prosperity.  He also discusses his own efforts to modernize San Francisco when he was mayor.

Look at the picture and guess where it originates. It’s not a New York bank or even an up to date one in California. 


We’re not only behind on what’s available on our iPads and smartphones, from the banks, the cable companies and the gas station, we’re running antiquated computer systems in our government.

They need to skip a generation of technology.  Apparently, they  need to find out about mobile before the government makes any more repairs to our 1980-90 antique, computer systems.

If Twitter and Pinterest are good examples, government computer departments should take  a few lessons from classroom teachers in addition to reading Newsom’s book and watching BookTV.

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