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All your data in the cloud

To progress from using the iPad to replace the old netbook and the desktop, we need to discover using some of these free cloud services.


Wi-Fi Signal logo


Look up Evernote, Dropbox and SkyDrive. Evernote is a wonderful system for storing and keeping up with your thoughts or articles by topic. Dropbox allows you to store and share files that are too big to email.  And, SkyDrive, one of my all time favorites, allows you to use a free copy of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Don’t use too many of cloud services.  Or, the next question will be, “Why doesn’t this free WiFi work ?”  followed by, “Where did I store that file? ” The cloud releases you and your mobile device form the tyranny of the office use it.


Another tip.  If you’re getting to this stage of iPad use, go ahead and get a bluetooth keyboard and an Airplay printer. You’ll see why the iPad is a replacement for the desktop computer.


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