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Where’s an iPad Class?

iPad buttonsI know the internet is about letting people help one another; let’s get the information right.

The “Where is an iPad class?” question is no reason to tell people how easy iPads are to use.  Or, “Don’t pay for a class.”

iPads are computers and as such are not simple devices for a beginner. They have rules that some of us have known for so long that we forgot when we learned them.

There’s nothing intuitive about an iPad until you have used one for  a few months.

Yes, we need iPad classes.  And, I am surprised they are not everywhere.

It appears that many people who respond to discussions boards have no idea the problems ordinary people have using an iPad. It is a computer.

Initially, they are virtually impossible to use competently without other computer experience. So please, don’t embarrass yourself or others by saying how easy they are to use.

Many people in my classes didn’t know what the iPad could do, just thought it would be easy to use. 

I decided it might be helpful if I set down some of the observations I’ve made over the 2 years plus of teaching iPad users. 

Here’s some beginner answers.

1. If you’re a real beginner, most video tutorials leave out so much you’ll never get started. This includes YouTube and Apple videos. 

2. iPads are like iPhones.  Ask an experienced iPhone owner a question, most can help. 

3. In spite of the common knowledge, with rare exceptions, children know “kids things” about tech. So based on many of my student’s reports, don’t expect a child to help much.

4. If you’re in the Minneapolis St. Paul area you can find one of my classes. Otherwise, Apple has a service. Pay for it.

You can visit an Apple store once a week for a year. Get as much one on one time as you have time for. The best staff in the store are geniuses; but, I’ve found most of the people at the Apple store get it right more than 75% of the time. And, they are polite. Keep asking questions if you have to. 

5. Your iPad or iPhone manual is NOT missing, it is the bottom entry on the bookmarks icon on Safari. Get a iPhone owner to show you.

6. iPads are capable of most computing jobs with the help of cloud services and your business’ IT staff. (But, not from the iCloud.) 

7. Start with the apps that came with the iPad.

Get someone with general internet knowledge to help you find and use the Apple support page for the iPad on a desktop. Apple videos show what each app does. They won’t get you started, Apple leaves out too much for a beginner. At least you’ll know what the app should do.

Then, search Bing or Google using the right terms and include iPad in each search. Example search for “iPad calendar” or “iPad Notes”

Be sensitive to beginner level problems. When a beginner asks you a question, don’t say how easy iPads are to learn.  Don’t assume that the questioner has enough experience to know what Safari is, or what a bookmark is, or how an icon functions.  Many do not. Don’t assume they can search Google.

I didn’t realize until I’d taught many iPad and android classes the steps I just assumed the questioner knew. You won’t either.


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