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Code Ruby on an iPad

railsRecently, I decided to learn Ruby on Rails.  Resources were available free or low cost so I started.

I signed up for a course on SkillShare and, I learned my first lesson.  Haven’t used MSDos for years. The instructor was using a Mac. All I had is Windows boxes and an iPad. Big mistake! I spent hours figuring out how to do what he did. Not much of a way to learn Ruby.

Another resource I came across was a Meetup for Ruby beginners at CoCoMSP.  Now,  that’s a different story.

The helpers hooked my iPad to a cloud service called Action.io and there I was, coding.  Not very well, but I was learning Ruby.

It doesn’t require days of configuring and software updates before you’re all set to code on a virtual Linux machine using cloud-based systems.  All that’s required is the creation of a new account.

Action.io has a special focus on making coding tools available on iPads, so check them out, just to learn or to code Ruby while on the go.

I’ve been telling people the iPad will replace the desktop, I just moved one step closer.

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