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Keep your personal data safe


SmartphoneWhat do you know about the data that’s in your computer and speeding around the internet.

Here are some tips

  • use a passcode on your mobile device ( it has more data than you’d want a stranger to access on it now)
  • where is your personal information, it’s on those services you use automatically
  • what can they do with your data, read the permissions section when you download an app, here’s an example — the LinkedIn app for android
  • who at the services can access your data
  • what can service providers do with your data without your consent
  • never send personal information like account numbers, credit card and social security numbers, or health information — in an email
  • use strong passwords (mix of upper and lower case, numbers and special symbols, like % or *)
  • use a unique password for each site
  • find a way to remember all those passwords, that’s the…

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