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If iPads are intuitive, these are good apps

iPad mini

iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

Look at the picture of the iPad mini that accompanies this post. Is that intuitive?

Jeff Anderson wrote a helpful article if you overlook his assumption that iPads are intuitive to seniors. I’m going to review the assumption this good app article has.

Remember, Apple does the best job of helping people, so when you buy an iPad, make an appointment and go as often as you can to your Apple store.

I’ve taught seniors how to use iPads and android devices for 3 years. I assure you an iPad isn’t intuitive for most people who don’t use a iPhone regularly.

iPads are baffling computers with all the flaws a user interface can have. In addition, seniors and many people over 55 don’t have any idea what the internet can do. I suspect that most seniors that buy a mobile device place them aside and forget about them. For just this  reason, iPads are baffling, but the marketing people at Apple tell us they are easy to use.

So, I recently developed a way to tell new iPad and android device owners it isn’t them.  Check out this post. https://mypersonalipad.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/ipad-learning-curve/

I can’t tell you how many times someone in my class says, “My grandson can use this thing. ” Leaving out the implication, “Why can’t I? With rare exceptions, kids do kids things on computers, we want to do adult things.

  1. Play solitaire.  (You can’t download an app until you remember your password. No inexperienced iPad user can understand why? At least android tablets don’t require a password every time you want it to do something.)
  2. Take a photo and send it to a friend. (You have to be at least a novice.)
  3. Keep a calendar.  Watch a movie. (Both are something an  experienced user can do.)
  4. Try teaching beginners or novices how to check out an ebook, or an epub from their local library using Overdrive. Library web sites are some of the least hospitable sites I know about.  It’s not the seniors fault they are so complicated.

Mobile devices are computers.  They require a lot more experience than most commentators tell us about.

Intuitive — only after a lot of work.

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