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Read articles and posts later

Pocket, the app, lets you take articles you mean to read, or videos you want to view later, with you on your iPad. Whenever you come across an interesting article, … Continue reading

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Ignore this post, if Google Calendar works

Thought I remind next week’s new iPad owners, Google sync is gone. Follow the path laid out in this iPad Insight post and you’ll be up an running in no … Continue reading

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Tech for aging in place

Originally posted on MyPersonalPhone:
Is there one Consumer Reports-like resource that reviews and will help me figure out what is available that could be useful for an aging relative? Here’s…

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Change your Apple ID

Why change your iPad’s or iPhone’s Apple ID? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 1. bought a used iPad or iPhone 2. share an iPad in a class or with your family 3. … Continue reading

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If iPads are intuitive, these are good apps

Look at the picture of the iPad mini that accompanies this post. Is that intuitive? Jeff Anderson wrote a helpful article if you overlook his assumption that iPads are intuitive … Continue reading

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iPad learning curve

After many classes I have developed a learning curve for seniors with little or not computer experience, who want to learn how to use the iPad. As the Wikipedia site … Continue reading

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Keep your personal data safe

Originally posted on MyPersonalPhone:
What do you know about the data that’s in your computer and speeding around the internet. Here are some tips use a passcode on your mobile…

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